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Google Gravity Code Download

Google Gravity is the new I’m feeling lucky trick introduced by Mr.Doob. It is one of the most popular I’m feeling lucky tricks. Whenever you will load the Google gravity page, you will find Google crashing down on Earth just like the apple did for Newton.

Google always has many interesting things to do in it . Ricardo Cabello a designer/developer has created Google Gravity. This is a funfilled thing , that makes the object in google elements to fall down , due to force of gravity . You can enjoy throwing all links , text boxes , buttons , search results around the browser window . Do what ever you like with Google Gravity and enjoy your googling experiance . Try this and share your experiance with us .

Internet is aptly called as the Virtual World. Whatever things we witness and experience in real life, most of those can be experienced on web too. To enhance this concept, Google Gravity is introduced, which gives a feeling of presence of Gravity on web. This Google gravity is listed as the new Chrome experiment.

The resource pack includes English and Chinese versions, you can custom it, Enjoy it in Chrome!

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